The Wonderful World of Eamon

Scroll News

A few UI and game play updates

April 19, 2020

Just a quick note describing a few recent upgrades to the adventure UI:

The "Command List" button now shows a popup with a lot more information, including descriptions and examples for each command.

When the game asks you a Yes/No or multiple choice question during play, you can now answer the question with a key press rather than having to click buttons with the mouse. The active key is usually the first letter of the choice, unless more than one choice begins with the same letter. The active key for each option is underlined.

I also fixed a bug in the command recall feature. That is the feature that lets you scroll through past commands by using the up and down arrow keys.

In addition, I'm working on standardizing some of the game logic. Several recent adventures have some sort of commerce system in them. Since Eamon Classic and Eamon Deluxe didn't have a built-in BUY command, the original authors all implemented this a little differently. I'm updating these to show what is for sale in the current room, and to work in the same way. Most recently, I updated the Training Ground so that you can buy healing potions by typing "BUY POTION" instead of the old, obscure "GIVE 100 TO BOZWORTH."

One of the limitations of early Eamon systems was the inflexibility of the armor types. You basically got to use one of the three types of armor (leather, chain, or plate) and a shield. Eamon Remastered supports a number of different armor types like magic shields, scale armor, helmets, and protection rings. Unlike the earlier systems, these can be brought back to the Main Hall and kept permanently, just like weapons. However, the only new armor type that Marcos sells in the Main Hall is the scale armor. Other armor items have to be found in adventures.

New Adventure: Malleus Maleficarum

April 6, 2020

At long last, it's time for a completely new addition to the Eamon adventure catalog: Malleus Maleficarum by yours truly. Keith Dechant. This is an Eamon Remastered exclusive, following the journey to a nearby land that has outlawed magic and is conducting a witch hunt against all magic users. Your quest is to rescue a friend's grandmother and investigate a militant anti-magic organization called the Cobalt Front.

This adventure focuses heavily on NPC interactions, with the TALK and BUY commands featuring prominently in the story. The Cobalt Front is a very lawful organization, at least when it comes to magic and magic weapons, and you can easily find yourself getting into trouble with the law if you're not careful.

There are other things happening in the land of Virrat, too, and you'll find yourself battling some bizarre creatures as you learn what's really going on.

New Adventure: The Well of the Great Ones

Dec. 30, 2019

"Evenhold is in great danger!" you are told one day over drinks in the Main Hall. Rumors tell of zombies marauding through the countryside, and of strange magics deep in the Arcosian Swamp. Beware, adventurer, for the Great Old Ones may rise from their eternal slumber!

This is the latest adventure ported to Eamon Remastered, The Well of the Great Ones by Mike Ellis. This is a frightening journey into a world threatened by Lovecraftian monsters, and an eldritch cult intent on summoning the most horrific beasts from outer worlds.

The Well is a somewhat forgotten treasure among Eamon adventures. It was only partially completed by its original author back in the 1990s. Eamon Adventurers' Guid president Tom Zuchowski accepted the challenge to finish it himself for the Apple II. He mostly succeeded, but for a few missing pieces that prevented the quest from being totally completed. The Eamon Remastered version fixes the incomplete threads and ties up a few loose ends in the storyline, while attempting to preserve the horror of the original writing. Give it a try, if you dare.