The Wonderful World of Eamon

Scroll News

New Adventure: Temple of Ngurct

July 10, 2018

The latest adventure for Eamon Remastered is the Temple of Ngurct by James and Robert Plamondon. This is a classic hack-n-slash style adventure with quite a few tough monsters in it, and lots and lots of treasure. While it's more geared toward combat than puzzle-solving, there are still some cool special effects like a fireball wand, a ring of regeneration, and some other interesting artifacts. Bring your best magic sword for this one!

New Adventures: Treasure Island and Pirate's Cave

July 2, 2018

A warm welcome for the two newest adventures ported to Eamon Remastered: Treasure Island and the Pirate's Cave, both by Margaret Anderson. These are two short, simple adventures; according to Eamon lore, Margaret wrote them for her 8-year-old nephew, so it made sense to keep them small. Still, the maps are well-designed and they're both fun to play.

The puzzles are mostly of the "find-the-key" variety, and you get plenty of help from friendly NPCs, so these both rate as easy on the level of difficulty. They would be a good choice for a younger player, or for a novice character, as a replacement for the Beginner's Cave.

New Adventure: Temple of the Trolls

June 27, 2018

The latest new adventure to come to Eamon Remastered is the Temple of the Trolls, a classic adventure by prolific 1980s Eamon author John Nelson. This is a journey into the hidden world of the Northern Trolls in search of the great weaponsmith, Grommick, who can make a powerful weapon for you if you prove yourself worthy.

This adventure contains a well-designed map and some amusing descriptions of artifacts and monsters. It has a good balance of combat and puzzles, so it's recommended for both puzzle fans and hack-n-slashers. The special effects are mostly subtle, but you can have some fun with the new KISS command in this adventure.

One hint: You don't have to fight Ulik the Invincible. Good thing, too. He's a big dude.