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New Adventure: Demongate

Jan. 15, 2018

This week's new arrival in the adventures category is Eamon #213, Demongate by Hoyle Purvis. Hoyle is the author of eight adventures dating from the early 1990s.

In Demongate, you go to visit your friend Lorin at the Abbey of Light, which is being besieged by the undead forces of the Dark Lord. No sooner have you arrived than the fortress comes under attack by zombies, skeletons, and their allies, the orcs. You manage to survive the attack which kills nearly everyone else in the abbey. Now you have to avenge your friend's death and recover the magic ankh which the dark forces will use to open their evil portal.

This adventure has a fairly straightforward quest, with plenty of combat and plenty of hints along the way. It's an interesting setting, especially the looming shadow wall that you must traverse to hunt down the evil doers. It reminds me of something out of a Stephen King novel or your darkest D&D campaign.

In converting Demongate to Eamon Remastered, I kept the plot and map the same, with only a handful of enhancements to the descriptions. Most of these were to make it easier to tell what was going on, and to describe some of the room connections that were not described in the original. The only other liberty I took was to change the healing scroll to a healing potion, because it's easier to deal with in the code, and it saves confusion with the other, more important scroll present in the game.

There are lots of embedded artifacts in this one, so read the room descriptions carefully. Hint: things like torches, candles, and potions mentioned in the room descriptions are things you can get.

New Adventure: Curse of the Hellsblade

Jan. 10, 2018

The Curse of the Hellsblade is one of the newer Eamon adventures, written by John Nelson and Tom Zuchowski, two of the most notable Eamon authors and former maintainers of the Eamon Adventurers' Guild.

It's a fantasy, D&D-style quest adventure, with a number of well-done special effects. The most notable is a possessed sword that will attack any NPC or monster in sight, even friendly NPCs! But, it's a powerful weapon and it can be a great asset in fighting the toughest monsters, if only you can find a way to control it.

Until you can find a way to permanently lock up the Hellsblade, no one is safe. Not even you.

New Adventure: The Abductor's Quarters

Sept. 28, 2017

This is another early Eamon by Jim Jacobson, author of Cave of the Mind. It's a rescue mission in a dungeon run by a renegade adventurer with a taste for abductions and torture.

I took a few liberties with this conversion, enhancing a few of the descriptions. Instead of having generic monsters like Guard1 and Guard2, the dungeon is populated by a motley crew of renegade adventurers from the Main Hall.

This adventure has a couple nifty special effects. As in the original Apple II version, there is one cursed item. You also need to find something special to be able to light the lantern. In addition, I added another brand-new special effect: one of the bad guys is a mage who can cast HEAL and BLAST spells just like the player.