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New Adventures: Treasure Island and Pirate's Cave

July 2, 2018

A warm welcome for the two newest adventures ported to Eamon Remastered: Treasure Island and the Pirate's Cave, both by Margaret Anderson. These are two short, simple adventures; according to Eamon lore, Margaret wrote them for her 8-year-old nephew, so it made sense to keep them small. Still, the maps are well-designed and they're both fun to play.

The puzzles are mostly of the "find-the-key" variety, and you get plenty of help from friendly NPCs, so these both rate as easy on the level of difficulty. They would be a good choice for a younger player, or for a novice character, as a replacement for the Beginner's Cave.

New Adventure: Temple of the Trolls

June 27, 2018

The latest new adventure to come to Eamon Remastered is the Temple of the Trolls, a classic adventure by prolific 1980s Eamon author John Nelson. This is a journey into the hidden world of the Northern Trolls in search of the great weaponsmith, Grommick, who can make a powerful weapon for you if you prove yourself worthy.

This adventure contains a well-designed map and some amusing descriptions of artifacts and monsters. It has a good balance of combat and puzzles, so it's recommended for both puzzle fans and hack-n-slashers. The special effects are mostly subtle, but you can have some fun with the new KISS command in this adventure.

One hint: You don't have to fight Ulik the Invincible. Good thing, too. He's a big dude.

New Adventure: The Sword of Inari

June 6, 2018

Today I'm excited to release the latest new adventure for Eamon Remastered: The Sword of Inari by Matthew Clark. This is a commando mission into a heavily fortified city to recover a powerful magic sword for the Guild of Magicians. It's a small map and mostly a puzzler's adventure; with clever tactics you can escape most of the fighting. Along the way, there's an opportunity to pick up a unique suit of armor.

One minor hint, without spoiling too much. You get some special artifacts at the very beginning of the game. You'll need to use all of them to complete the mission. I'll leave it up to you to figure out how and where to use each one.