The Wonderful World of Eamon

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New Adventure: The Orb of Polaris

Jan. 22, 2019

This month's new adventure is a port of another John Nelson classic, The Orb of Polaris. This one starts with an offer you can't refuse, when a warlock teleports you to an arctic cave to recover the eponymous Orb. Now, you have to find Polaris, whoever or whatever he is. (We're not talking astronomy here, by the way.)

This adventure has a few puzzles to solve, the first of which is to find a way to survive the cold. There are a couple items in the cave that can help, if you can find them in time. Some of the puzzles involve the use of the POWER spell, so maybe visit Hokas and practice up on that one before venturing out into the cold.

The NPCs you'll find in this adventure are part of the fun. They're mostly cold-themed, as you might expect. But, how often do you get to have a snowman as a companion? (Don't worry, there is a way to bring Frosty back if he melts...)

This adventure is also the first in Eamon Remastered to use an "elemental damage" system, where elemental-based weapons do extra damage to monsters who are not resistant to that type of damage. (Think about what kind of weapon would work best against an ice troll, and you'll understand what I mean.) I hope to implement this kind of logic more in the future, because it's something I always liked in other RPGs like D&D and Castlevania: SOTN.

Happy gaming!

Speed Improvements

Dec. 9, 2018

It's been a while, and some of you might be wondering where I've disappeared to. I haven't disappeared at all; in fact, I've been busy with some major speed improvements to Eamon.

To get the multiple-adventure logic working in Angular, I had to resort to some hacks which were causing performance problems, as well as making it difficult to upgrade to newer versions of Angular. So, I finally decided I needed to leave Angular behind and convert the game UI to React. This allowed me to rewrite the entire game loader, making it a lot faster. Everything should work the same, except that the Main Hall and adventures will load in a noticeably shorter time. Give it a try!

There are more adventures coming, so you'll hopefully be hearing from me soon.

New Adventure: Temple of Ngurct

July 10, 2018

The latest adventure for Eamon Remastered is the Temple of Ngurct by James and Robert Plamondon. This is a classic hack-n-slash style adventure with quite a few tough monsters in it, and lots and lots of treasure. While it's more geared toward combat than puzzle-solving, there are still some cool special effects like a fireball wand, a ring of regeneration, and some other interesting artifacts. Bring your best magic sword for this one!