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New Adventure: The Black Castle of NaGog

Jan. 28, 2018

The latest adventure for Eamon Remastered is a quest to find a golden idol that can save a hero from demonic possession. It was first written by Doug Burrows and first published on the Apple II in 1986.

This features a number of special effects, such as a couple of nasty traps (what did you expect when you open old tombs in a dungeon!), lots of secret doors, a pretty decent puzzle, and even an ambush or two. The combat starts out easy but gets tough in a hurry. You'll probably want to bring your best magic sword for this one.


New Adventure: SwordQuest

Jan. 21, 2018

The latest adventure is a quest in none other than Camelot! Morgan le Fay, the sorceress and King Arthur's half-sister, has stolen his magical sword, Excalibur!

This is a well-written adventure by prolific 1980s Eamon author Roger Pender. It has a well-constructed castle with many rooms and artifacts to find to complete the puzzle. There is combat galore, but most of the monsters aren't very hard, except one. Better find a way around the dragon without fighting, or you'll be toast.

SwordQuest is one of the better designed puzzles in Eamon, and it got consistently high ratings from reviewers back around the time it was written. Give this one a try!

New Adventure: Revenge of the Mole Man

Jan. 17, 2018

Your old nemesis, the Mole Man, is back, and this time he has abducted an entire village. Not just the people. The entire village. Off to Marewood Forest to see if you can find the Mole Man's lair once again.

This adventure is a sequel to Assault on the Mole Man, written by John Nelson, a prolific Eamon author from the mid-1980s and one-time head of the National Eamon Users Club. It's mostly a dungeon exploration, with a few decoy monsters, a couple keys and secret doors to find, and one big, well-executed special effect.